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Every night 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry, 1 in 6 do not get needed medical care.

Corbin’s Legacy was established in 2015 in honor and memory of Corbin Leafman a Title 1 Kindergarten teacher who died at the age of 30 from cancer. She asked that she be remembered for how she lived, not how she died. Corbin’s claim to fame was, among other things, that she walked through the school lunch line holding up a $20 bill to make sure that the lunch ladies knew that every child was to get a hot lunch – no matter what.

The Mission of Corbin’s Legacy is to improve outcomes of underrepresented elementary school children through the elimination of food and medical insecurity.

In Maricopa County alone, over 175,000 children are going to bed hungry, without their needed medications TONIGHT!

Corbin’s Legacy serves Title I elementary school children in the Phoenix area every day, in some way.

We are 100% volunteer with 100% of donations going to the children we help. 

We FEED children through our:

  • Feed A Hungry Child Over Break – backpacks of food sent home, so children do not go hungry during school breaks

  • Food for Thought – delivery of food to Title I classrooms for children who would not eat during the school day

  • Weekend Food Warriors – backpacks of food sent home on Fridays with children who would otherwise have none

  • Corbin’s Legacy Can – a new program that offers Title I families canned fruits & vegetables through free farmer’s markets. Cans offer 80% of the nutritional value

We Provide Access to Quality Health Care through our:

  • Pediatric Screening Program – medical screenings and treatment in Title I elementary schools for children in need 

  • Back to School Day Health Fair – oral and medical screenings and treatment

The impact is without measure – no child in Maricopa, or anywhere should go hungry. Click on the logo to learn more or donate!

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